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Made to Order

We’d be delighted to work with you to create something personally significant and meaningful to you. Below is a selection of different projects.

Rainbow Gate Topper

Kevin wanted a glass panel to go above a gate.

Here’s some photos of the gate along with the top of the gate.

I was thinking maybe some L shaped brackets spaced along each side the panel that I could screw into the top of the gate to secure it. Unless you can suggest a better way of securing it?

A couple of questions:

Can all of the framework and legs be black?

Will both sides of it look the same, so that there’s not a better front side?

What is the measurement, H x W, of each piece of glass? I would imagine each colour will be cut the same size to fit across the panel?

It’s too far for me to collect how much will the delivery cost be? Will you insure it against damage?

I’d like the traditional rainbow colours along with them being in the rainbow order.


We had a few email exchanges and sent a diagram of the panel we proposed with the fittings to secure the panel in place.

Once we had agreed the design and the colour we made the panel and sent Kevin a picture to check he liked the piece before we arranged delivery.

The panel arrived safely and Kevin sent us these picture back.

Thought you’d like to see some photos of it in position, we’re very happy with it.

Chain of glass leaves

Maureen come to my studio to discuss a birthday present for Charlotte.

We decided on a long chain with a selection of various  blues, turquoise and green striped glass leaves.The idea was that Charlotte could hang the chain along a branch of a tree in here garden.

I sent Maureen a picture of the chain for her approval.

Maureen approved it and then a while later I received this picture and message.

Morning Sarah, to say that Charlotte was thrilled with this is an understatement ! She was over the moon and loved it. thank you so very much for creating this beautiful work of art, it’s wonderful and Charlotte can’t wait to see this in her garden.

Love Maureen xxxxx

Glass panels for Rye

Simon asked me to make some glass panels for his place in Rye.

He sent me a  picture of the surrounding area so that I could get an idea of the colours he wanted.

The landscape around Rye is quite muted with the grasses, mud flats, beaches and sky more washed out and less vibrant. See what you think and I’ll give you a call tomorrow to discuss if that’s ok.

Many thanks Simon

We discuss the colours and Simon decided on the three sized panels he wanted. I made him these and sent the picture for him to see.

The panels were finished and sent to Simon. We received this back.

Court Yard wall panels

Cathy approached us to make some wall panels for an East facing court yard. The glass panels were to be the focal point. We added fittings so that the frames could be attached to the wall.

We sent Cathy some glass samples, some drawings of different panel combinations, so she could look at the sizes and prices and ideas for colours. In the end she decided to have these made.

Panel for a 60th Birthday

I received the following email from Janet.

Dear Sarah,

It has been a while since I contacted you – but I wonder if you have something for a friend’s 60th birthday which is on July 16th? I am thinking of the number 60 in glass? It may be that you have a few items like that ready to go? If not, is it too late to request something?

I love your designs so am happy to have a tail or a panel or small leaf set – up to about £160. Obviously I will be lead by you.

Colours I think are in the green/blue range but actually could be other.

We replied and said that we had an idea for a glass panel with the number 60 etched into the glass .Janet though that sounded good.

Thanks for replying so quickly during this busy time for you! That sounds perfect. It is actually for a guy, one of my closest friends for the past nearly 40 years, so a special person. What you suggest sounds exactly like I hoped!

As they only have a small (but beautifully formed) garden, I suspect the medium size will be best, but I would like a wide version – so whatever that means for you in terms of making it – if that becomes ‘large’ that is fine – just not too tall and thin as I think it might get lost in their space. Maybe the 60 can be in the top panel – but I will leave it up to your judgement.

I will be able to pop in to discuss or pick up, so let me know – otherwise, please do just create something – I trust your expertise. If memory serves me correctly you include a couple of patterned pieces of glass to break up the colour – but honestly, you do what you think is going to look best!

With Janet’s input we ended up with this lovely panel.

Bespoke glass panels

The gallery below is a selection of the bespoke glass panels that we have made for our customers. Please call  or email to discuss your ideas. Once you have decided what size panel you would like and if you have an idea of the colours, you would like used ,we will put something together and send you a picture. That  way you have a chance to make any changes before the panel is finished.