Mini Branches – Single


The arched design of theses stems enables the glass to catch the light and slightly sway. Adding these to your indoor or outdoor displays of flowers and plants will add extra colour and interest. Please note there will be slight variations in shape and patterns of the fused glass as each one is individually made.

Dimensions and sizes
Mini branches –  wire: height 60cm, arch width 20cm (glass height 4cm width 2.5cm)

Choose a Mini Branch from the list below

  • Mini Branches Teal/Yellow/Bright Green
  • Mini Branches Royal Blue/Turquoise/Pale Turquoise
  • Mini Branches Royal Blue/Turquoise/Pale Blue
  • Mini Branches Mid Green/Bright Green/Pale Turquoise
  • Mini Branches Red/Mid Green/Light Pink
  • Mini Branches Purple/Raspberry/Pale Pink
  • Mini Branches Raspberry/Orange/Violet
  • Mini Branches Sky Blue/Blue/Pale Blue
  • Mini Branches Purple/Bright Green/Amber
  • Mini Branches Mid Green/Mustard Yellow/Pale Turquoise
  • Mini Branches Purple/Purple/Violet
  • Mini Branches Moss Green/Orange/Pale Green
  • Mini Branches Cranberry/Rust/Bright Green
  • Mini Branches Raspberry/Bright Green/Orange
  • Mini Branches Red/Orange/Yellow
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