Pink/Turquoise Petal Panels


Handmade in UK.  Handcrafted stained glass  panels encased in steel powder coated frame with ‘legs’ for easy planting Just as the seasons change the panels are easy to move and provide points of interest at different times of year.

Please allow for some slight variation in pattern & colour.

Details and Dimensions
Tall: 170cm(H) x 11.5cm(W) – Legs 40cm, Glass 130cm 
Large: 148cm(H) x 16.5cm(W) – Legs 35cm, Glass 113cm 
Medium: 130cm(H) x 11.5cm(W) – Legs 30cm, Glass 100cm 
Small: 102cm(H) x 16.5cm(W) – Legs 25cm, Glass 77cm 
Mini: 80cm(H) x 11.5cm(W) – Legs 20cm, Glass 60cm 

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